5.3.19 – Link to CAR-T Article

The article has finally been published in City News and I found it online to share. I am going to the Bone Marrow Transplant reunion next Friday at City of Hope, and will try to find some physical copies. The photo editor in me is annoyed at the thread on my arm in the photo though. I literally edit pictures of clothing for a living so its the first thing I saw lol. Also the online version of the article imagery is very compressed, so it’s not as good of quality as the print copies would be. I really want to see the print version to enjoy it more. Such OCD!

Anyways… here is the link! I am on page 14 with my doctor: https://www.cityofhope.org/flipbook/CityNews/Spring-2019/index.html


No issues since my last tapering of meds, which is good cause no appointment this month! I go back in April. Still waiting to see the release of the article I am being featured in with my doctor.

Took on some freelance work this month and enjoying the extra workload actually, I like having things to keep me busy lol. Day job has been busy as well but not too crazy, and I have been sticking to my gym schedule pretty well too. Increasing weight on the machines means progress is being made.

Also added some more photos to my photography page tonight. It is late, I must sleep. Happy Pi day!


Since my last update, I have had a poke bowl and sushi. I missed raw fish so much! No issues with either, and also tapered down on one of the immunosuppressants this week. Health is great and I’ve been going to the gym almost daily to help keep it that way.


Had some photos taken at City of Hope with my doctor this week for an article in their quarterly magazine. I’ll have to share when it comes out. While talking to him he mentioned that I should be ok to start having sushi and oysters again! But to take it slow at first and make sure it is from a good place.

10-30 site update

Got the header image updated with a new photo of Warehouse 9 from my recent visit there to check out the brewery inside. Cool spot! Will be back again in the future to try some more brews and get some local seafood down the street. Totally forgot my camera so I only took a pic or two with my phone.

10-19 Update

Follow up appointment today, day +212 I believe. Need to get a bunch of med refills too.

Been doing great overall and finally got this site fixed again. May have some other tweaks or changes to come.

Need to sleep now so I can get up in 7 hours.