Some maintenance and photo updates for the site. Just wanted to refresh the site a little. Still trying to figure out life. Been going for hikes more often, trying to get more active. Still on transplant meds, not having any issues. Looking for inspiration and creativity. I like photography stuff and cooking for hobbies, but still not sure what I am supposed to really be doing in this world. Work is fine, but more income would be nice. No clue how to change that. California is too expensive. Been messing around with stocks and crypto to try to make a few extra bucks. Just spilling some thoughts…

2 thoughts on “5.14.2021”

  1. Nice update. Wish I was able to figure out life too. Keep saving and investing!

  2. Love good updates! Love your photography! ❤️
    We all need to pick the same state to move to. 😎

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