It has been awhile since my last update. Things are going good still. Almost done tapering off the immunosuppressants. Had a small GVHD outbreak in my mouth, which I guess is rather common. Not too bad really, just an irritating coating and a few minor sores and chapped lips. Seems like it may have been triggered by the cold I caught in October. Clearing up slowly with a little help from some steroidal mouthwash. Finally got all my vaccines(baby shots) over the past couple months in a few waves. Next Monday is Day +1000 post transplant.

Still have some freelance editing here and there and the occasional BBQ catering gig I help out with. Keeps me busy and a little extra side cash. Been going to the gym more since my cold has passed, trying to get back to where I was earlier this year with my strength/fitness. Funny how fast it goes away when you don’t maintain it. Went on a couple vacations in October with my girlfriend and we had a great time in both Albuquerque and the bay area!

I saw recently that Brouwerij West has added more artwork/signage to the side of Warehouse 9. I may have to add another new photo to my header to keep up with the theme.

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